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About Us

About us

Premier Global Legal Management Firm for Non-Resident Indians and Overseas People of Indian Origin

We at ALLNRICARE understand the unique legal needs of non-resident Indians (NRIs) and people of Indian origin living overseas. With over two decades of dedication to serving the Indian diaspora, we have become experts in our field.

Our primary focus lies in providing high-quality legal services related to immovable and movable assets for our global clients.

Our Expertise

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals, well-versed in different aspects of international law. We take pride in our ability to offer exclusive legal services tailored to the needs of NRIs and overseas Indians. Unlike other general legal professionals, our experience and expertise set us apart, allowing us to address the specific concerns faced by our clients.

Client Testimonials

As a testament to our excellence, we have received countless positive testimonials from clients worldwide. These endorsements reaffirm our commitment to delivering efficient solutions, high-quality work, and outstanding client experiences.

Our Mission

At ALLNRICARE, we are driven by four core values:

Bringing justice to NRIs who have lost hope in restoring their legal rights in their country of origin

Delivering fabulous client experiences while being fully accountable and accessible to those fighting their legal battles from far-off lands outside India

Reinstating faith among overseas residents about India and its people, dispelling suspicions towards Indians

Demonstrating that the Indian legal system operates professionally, honestly, and ethically by providing exclusive and top-tier legal services within the country

Why Choose Us

Consultation and Comprehensive Review:

Our team of knowledgeable professionals offers clients from around the globe consultation services. The legal team reviews all case facts and documents in-depth, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the matter before strategizing the most effective resolution. Legal advice is provided through a variety of communication channels, including video meetings, emails, phone calls, and in-person meetings at our local offices.

Selective Case Handling:

We are highly selective and only take on cases that fit our criteria, avoiding those that are misrepresented or time-barred. Our focus is on examining cases based on the client's active legal rights and whether or not the case is maintainable in a court of law.

Serving Clients Living Abroad:

Understandably, overseas Indians struggle with managing their legal affairs back home due to travel constraints. Our expertise allows us to provide comprehensive solutions for monitoring issues, supervising matters, and representing clients both inside and outside the courtroom, thereby safeguarding their assets in India with minimal travel requirements.

Exclusive Focus on Overseas Indians:

We dedicate our services exclusively to Indians living abroad by not accepting domestic cases—enabling us to provide laser-focused assistance for non-residential clients.

Regular Updates for Clients:

With our proactive approach and hassle-free service offerings, we ensure constant communication with our clients as we update them regularly on their legal matters in India using state-of-the-art communication systems.

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