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Adverse Possession

The recent landmark judgement by the Honourable Supreme Court of India has sent ripples of concern among the Indian diaspora residing overseas. This groundbreaking ruling is based on the doctrine of Adverse Possession, a legal concept that has far-reaching implications for property owners. At AllNRICare, we recognize the significance of this judgment and its potential impact on NRIs’ property ownership rights.

The doctrine of Adverse Possession, as clarified by the Supreme Court, presents a crucial scenario for property owners. If a property owner does not take timely action to regain possession of their property from a caretaker or trespasser within Twelve years of their occupancy, Adverse Possession can legalize their occupation. This doctrine is now enshrined in Article 65 of the Limitation Act, opening new doors to property ownership acquisition.

The Supreme Court’s perspective emphasizes that continuous, uninterrupted possession of a property for over Twelve years can lead to the acquisition of ownership rights. This doctrine can serve as both a protective shield and a potent weapon. Those in possession can assert ownership rights over the property, defending their claim or pursuing a lawsuit for possession or declaration of title if dispossessed.

NRIs, often entrusting their properties to relatives or friends due to infrequent visits to India, are particularly vulnerable to adverse possession claims. These informal arrangements, built on trust rather than legal documentation, can inadvertently expose them to the risks of property loss. With the doctrine of Adverse Possession gaining prominence, NRIs may find their properties subject to ownership claims by unscrupulous individuals.

Recognizing the urgency and potential consequences of this judgment, AllNRICare has launched a dedicated service to address Adverse Possession concerns. Our specialized service offers comprehensive advisory support, guiding clients through the necessary steps to prevent Adverse Possession implications. For situations where Adverse Possession claims have arisen but not reached the court, we offer remedial services to help clients assert their rightful ownership claims and secure their property rights. Moreover, our litigation expertise comes into play when matters have escalated and are already under legal scrutiny, ensuring that clients have a strong legal representation in cases involving Adverse Possession.

At AllNRICare, we understand the complexities and risks associated with property ownership for NRIs. With our Adverse Possession Protection Service, we provide a shield against the potential loss of property rights, offering strategic guidance, remediation, and litigation support tailored to your unique circumstances. Your properties in India deserve the best protection – ensure your ownership rights with AllNRICare’s Adverse Possession Protection Service today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Adverse Possession is a legal doctrine that allows someone to claim ownership of a property if they have occupied it continuously and openly for a specific period without the owner's intervention. For NRIs, this doctrine presents a risk as they often entrust their properties to caretakers or relatives. If timely action isn't taken, these individuals could potentially claim ownership, jeopardizing the NRI's property rights.

Our service is designed to safeguard NRIs from the risks of Adverse Possession. We offer comprehensive advisory services to prevent Adverse Possession implications, and if claims have already arisen, we provide remediation strategies to help clients assert their rightful ownership. Additionally, our litigation support ensures robust legal representation for cases already under legal scrutiny due to Adverse Possession claims.

To prevent Adverse Possession, NRIs should proactively address property management, ensuring timely visits, and maintaining records of property ownership. Our advisory service guides NRIs through these steps, helping them establish a strong defence against potential Adverse Possession claims.

AllNRICare's Adverse Possession Protection Service is tailored specifically for NRIs facing property ownership challenges due to the doctrine of Adverse Possession. Our expertise focuses on understanding the unique circumstances of NRIs and providing advisory, remediation, and litigation support targeted at safeguarding their property rights.

If you suspect your property might be subject to an Adverse Possession claim, it's crucial to act swiftly. Our service includes remediation strategies that help you reclaim your ownership rights even in cases where Adverse Possession claims have emerged. Contact AllNRICare for personalized guidance and support tailored to your situation.

Getting started is easy. Simply reach out to AllNRICare through our website or the contact details provided. Our dedicated team will assess your situation, provide expert advice, and guide you through the necessary steps to protect your property rights from the risks of Adverse Possession. Your properties in India deserve the utmost protection – let AllNRICare's expertise help secure your ownership rights.