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Litigation Matters

At ALLNRICARE, we offer a comprehensive range of expert legal services to navigate through litigation and property disputes efficiently. Collaborating with our dedicated affiliate law firm in India, we provide a complete suite of litigation services for a wide spectrum of civil disputes faced by Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). Our approach is centred on delivering prompt and effective resolutions without compromising the client’s interests and within the framework of Indian law.

We possess the necessary strength, scale, and capability to handle complex civil litigation cases. Our approach is both professional and assertive, signalling to opponents that our clients are well-represented and their absence is not a sign of vulnerability.

Our litigation services for civil disputes are broadly categorized into two types:

Ongoing Litigation:

In cases where litigation is already underway, our experts review the case file, analyse the facts, ascertain the current stage of the case, conduct a SWOT analysis, and formulate a strategic approach for desired outcomes.

New Litigation:

For cases where new litigation needs to be initiated, our experienced lawyers conduct a comprehensive review of the facts and documents. Based on this review, we propose a recommended legal strategy and type of litigation that is most likely to achieve the desired outcomes.

Our litigation services encompass various types of disputes related to both immovable and movable assets, including:

Immovable Assets:

  •         Declaration of Ownership or Nullification of Illegal Sale Deeds
  •         Possession and Partition Disputes
  •         Eviction and Rent Petitions
  •          Injunctions for Restraining Property Alienation
  •          Adverse Possession Cases
  •         Consumer Protection Act Complaints against Builders

Movable Assets:

  •       Rendition of Accounts
  •        Money Recovery
  •        Succession Certificate
  •        Cheque Bouncing Cases

Our hallmark is the thoroughness with which we approach new litigation cases. We only take on new cases when we are confident in building a strong legal argument and achieving the desired outcomes. We provide clear insights into the potential risks and outcomes, ensuring that clients are fully informed before engaging us for representation.

At ALLNRICARE, our commitment to excellence and dedication to client satisfaction drives us to offer exceptional legal services. With our specialized litigation approach, we enable NRIs to navigate through complex legal challenges confidently. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience the difference between expert legal representation in navigating litigation and property disputes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our expert legal services cover a wide range of property disputes, including boundary disputes, landlord-tenant conflicts, real estate contract disagreements, and issues related to the ownership, use, or transfer of immovable assets.

For ongoing litigation, we thoroughly analyse the case, understand its current stage, and devise a strategy for achieving the desired outcomes. In new litigation cases, we conduct a detailed review of facts and documents to recommend a suitable legal strategy, ensuring strong arguments and potentially favourable results.

At ALLNRICARE, we prioritize prompt and effective resolutions tailored to our client's interests and within Indian legal boundaries. We focus on a strategic approach that combines legal expertise, assertive representation, and transparent communication to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Before taking on new litigation cases, we conduct a thorough review and assessment. We provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of the legal strategy, potential risks, and outcomes associated with their cases. This empowers clients to make informed decisions and engage us with confidence.
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We have extensive experience in assisting NRIs facing property disputes despite their physical absence in India. Our approach includes utilizing digital communication channels, providing regular case updates, and coordinating legal proceedings on behalf of our NRI clients. Our goal is to ensure that NRIs have effective representation and stay informed throughout the litigation process, regardless of their geographical location.