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Succession Certificate

Accessing inherited movable assets in India can be particularly challenging for non-resident Indians. Stringent bank policies often make it difficult for legal heirs to access funds left by deceased individuals, leaving them unsure of the legal procedures involved. This is where ALLNRICARE steps in. We specialize in providing expert assistance to NRIs facing these situations, offering a streamlined process for obtaining succession certificates—an essential document required to access various movable assets, from bank funds to investments like equities, government bonds, mutual funds, and more, including funds held in post offices.

The succession certificate, a legal document issued by the court, validates the legitimacy of heirs and empowers them to claim and manage the deceased’s movable assets. By navigating the complex legal landscape and following the appropriate procedures, we help beneficiaries secure the succession certificates they need to access their rightful inheritance.

Step-by-Step Process for Obtaining a Succession Certificate:

  • Start by collecting all the necessary documents, including the death certificate of the deceased person, proof of your relationship with them (like birth certificates, family tree/chart), and detailed information about their assets. Any additional documents needed by the court should also be included.
  •  Draft an application for the succession certificate, making sure to provide accurate details. Include the name of the deceased person, their date of death, your relationship with them, and a thorough list of their assets and liabilities.
  • With your application ready, head to the relevant court that has jurisdiction over the deceased person’s assets. Apply along with the required documents and pay the court fees. Be sure to keep the receipt for your records.
  • In most cases, the court asks you to publish a notice in a local newspaper or the Official Gazette. This notice invites any interested parties to raise objections to your application. It’s a necessary step to ensure transparency.    
  •   On the specified date, attend the court hearing. Present your case and provide any additional documents or evidence if requested by the court. The court carefully reviews any objections before making a decision.
  • Once the court is satisfied with your application and there are no valid objections, they issue the succession certificate. This important document contains essential details like the deceased person’s information, your details as the applicant, and a list of assets for distribution.
  • Armed with the succession certificate, you have the legal authority to manage and distribute the assets mentioned in the certificate. This certificate ensures a smooth transition as you deal with the assets according to the law’s guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

A succession certificate is a legal document issued by a court that establishes your right to the deceased person's movable assets. It's essential for accessing bank funds, investments, and other movable assets left behind by the deceased. Without this certificate, accessing these assets can be challenging and legally complex.

ALLNRICARE specializes in guiding non-resident Indians (NRIs) through the entire process of obtaining a succession certificate. We provide step-by-step assistance, help gather required documents, draft accurate applications, submit them to the appropriate court, and facilitate the issuance of the succession certificate.

The documents typically include the deceased person's death certificate, proof of your relationship with the deceased (like birth certificates), details of the deceased person's assets, and any other supporting documents as required by the court.

The timeline can vary based on factors such as court procedures, jurisdiction, and any objections raised. Generally, the process can take a few months, but ALLNRICARE's expertise helps expedite the process and reduce delays.

Yes, you can. ALLNRICARE offers end-to-end services that eliminate the need for you to travel to India. We manage the entire process on your behalf.