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NRI Care

NRI Care

Unlock Your Legal Rights in India

Living overseas as an NRI doesn’t mean you forfeit your legal rights in India. Whether it’s related to banking incentives, property disputes, taxation relief, or any legal matter, you deserve peace of mind and efficient resolution. At NRI Care, we empathize with the challenges faced by NRIs in dealing with legal disputes in India and are here to offer thoughtfully designed, personalized legal services exclusively tailored to your needs.

The NRI Care Advantage

Navigating legal disputes in India can be stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. We understand your concerns and have meticulously crafted our legal services to streamline the process for you. Here’s why NRI Care is your trusted legal partner:

  1. Expert Legal Assistance: Our extensive experience in handling common legal cases such as property disputes, divorce, adoption, wills, succession, false criminal cases, corporate matters, and taxation issues empowers us to provide expert guidance and representation.
  2. Efficiency and Convenience: Government agencies may not always be responsive to the legal needs of foreign citizens of Indian origin. To ensure a harmonious and swift resolution, we collaborate with renowned lawyers and legal service providers in India, enabling you to handle matters efficiently without frequent travel.
  3. Dedicated NRI Representation: Our dually qualified professionals are well-versed in representing NRI’s interests while overseas. From matrimonial problems to business and real estate settlements, our team ensures unbiased and self-sufficient advice on all legal matters.
  4. Transparent Communication: We keep you informed at every step, ensuring you’re well aware of the proceedings. No vital information is missed, and you stay connected to your case throughout.
  5. Simplifying Government Interactions: Our on-ground team has substantial experience in dealing with Government agencies, making the process smooth and hassle-free.

Our Comprehensive NRI Legal Services

At NRI Care, we take pride in offering a wide range of specialized legal services for NRIs:

  • OCI Card Assistance: Avail the Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card, granting you a lifetime visa status.
  • Marriage, Divorce, and Child Custody: We assist in obtaining marriage registration, divorce decrees, and child custody certificates.
  • Document Certification: Obtain certification of documents, including apostille certificates, from the relevant authorities.
  • Company Setup and Compliance: For NRIs looking to invest or establish businesses in India, we handle company setup, name approval, PAN card application, GST number application, and Director Identification Number (DIN) registration.
  • Birth and Death Certificates: We help in obtaining birth and death certificates from municipal authorities.
  • Succession and Wills: Avail succession certificates, wills, letters of administration, and probate, and submit them to the concerned authorities in India.
  • OCI Card Application Assistance: We provide support and guidance for applying for an OCI card within India or overseas.

A Trusted Ally for NRIs

NRI Care in India is committed to being your most trusted friend and ally when it comes to legal matters in India. Our customized, reliable, and consistent legal services ensure you don’t have to navigate the complexities of Indian bureaucracy alone. With our team of experienced professionals, you can confidently resolve any legal issue without facing unnecessary hurdles or relying on unscrupulous officials.

Invest in Your Peace of Mind: Choose NRI Care Legal Services

Whether it’s safeguarding your property, securing your family’s future, or addressing any legal concern, NRI Care is your dedicated partner. We understand the unique needs of NRIs and are here to protect your interests in India. Embrace a hassle-free and confident journey with our specialized legal services, designed to empower you at every step.

Unlock your legal rights in India with NRI Care – Your Legal Journey Begins Here.